NFTs by Cody Rutty (@codyrutty) on SuperRare

   As an American painter and digital artist Cody Rutty's NFTs focus on complexity and emergence in layered visuals- a process he describes as 'iterative abstraction.' While running parallel to his analog works, his digital compositions explore both static and animated interpretations of the relationship between the artist, the viewer, and the medium itself in the scope of a rapidly evolving world of art.

   Spending equal time between traditional mediums and experimenting with computation, VR, and digital design has laid the foundation for my NFT works.

   He is honored to have been one of the early artists selected for the SuperRare platform and you can view some of my NFT works below or visit my artist page at


Still from 'We Can Pretend'

'We Can Pretend' is a piece about being able to transform reality with another person, just imagining and shifting time and space together. I wanted to make something beautiful, out of my imagination to share with you, hoping it might be a refuge for your eyes while the world is undergoing such ongoing difficulties. Sometimes being able to pretend for a little while is one of the few choices we have, no matter the circumstances; to fly away and imagine in art. I spent the time in this mentality making all these components in VR and arranging, animating, composing them in the hopes of a moving painting essentially, wanting to balance complexity with a harmony of color, lighting and form. I hope you enjoy it and come along.


Still from 'Ensemble' HD 2000 x 2000 px 720 frames seamless infinite loop

Ensemble. Together. In-between are the moments, the time spent alone, the pieces only you see. Traversing between memories, those times while staring at a wall, walking while thinking, sitting, hoping, worrying, loving- they form us while longing to be together again. This is a dedication to the simple desire to be companions and friends to one another and to feel such a warmth that that simple longing brings. We are together, even when alone. HD 2000x2000px 720 frames seamless infinite loop.


Still from 'Sun Shift'

The way a room can go from blue to orange. Made in VR, composed in Blender. 


'Overture' 10000 x 10000 K JPG 50MB

This is an overture to the beauty ahead. It’s a dedication to the work that made any of this possible, to the people who believed so fervently in the potential of art that it became reality for us all. This is a work of joy and love, and meant to be explored by you.


Still from 'Light Ship'

Findings, sights, and workings aboard the Light Ship.


Still from 'Tell Me Everything' 2400 x 1800 px 24 FPS seamless loop video

What did you see, what was it like, how did it feel? Tell me everything. It's different for us all but safe to say the days and nights have passed a little more strangely over the past year. We've all been a bit more alone, exposed to ourselves, aware of simple things in life we miss. I miss stuff like feeling someone's laugh vibrate the air, seeing someone's cheek hair in the late afternoon sun, sharing the brilliance of some days or the stillness of some nights. This piece is a tribute to the time we have spent alone while longing to be together, now that there is an end in sight down the road. I think there is a lot of beauty in the simple wish to catch up with those we love, in missing people and their unique weirdness, in having the involuntary space and time to find yourself feeling love for others while being alone. It's a true kind of smile to smile alone. So, how have you been? Tell me everything. Video work, 5000 samples per frame at 2400 x 1800 px 24 FPS seamless video loop, all components hand-sculpted in VR, animated and rendered in Blender Cycles, final output 2000 x 1500 px at maximum quality.


Still from 'Taking Off' 2000 x 1500 px HD video at 24 FPS seamless loop

Taking Off is about rising by our own volition and determination. To see others do so when things get tough has always inspired me and lifted me up, so I wanted to make a piece that honors that as well as offers some peace, beauty, and solace when viewed. Details: 30 second 2000px x 1500px HD video at 24fps on a seamless loop, modeled and sculpted inside VR then assembled, animated, and rendered in Blender.



'Cloud Keeper' 8000 x 8000 px layered drawing and painting

The keeper of the clouds, the curator and bifurcator of billowing glowing ocean giants and barely visible wisps over deserts alike, Cloud Keeper.


'Sound Proof' 8000 x 8000 px

This work is composed of original drawings and paintings I scanned and arranged and then painted and drew upon digitally. I was considering along the way how we are all sound proof in our own ways. When we are silently sitting we are also ruminating with our own thudding sounds- how and why we choose to let them out is in part why a still piece of art can react so fundamentally with that state. Once I had that title, I realized the dual meaning of sound proof; resolution, conviction, truth. I hope you enjoy. It was another one of those long journeys where things got destroyed and reimagined more than I can relate.

'Window' 8000 x 8000 px 

Started with a pen and ink drawing performed via an XY plotter I have around and some hand work with pens that I scanned and then added details and some colors digitally, bit by bit. I spent a few nights figuring out this piece, what it is, what it's not. The term 'window' refers to a pretty common experience. I bet there's a window right close to you. I saw my reflection, saw what was outside, and then saw the actual window itself, as a thing and a, well, not-thing. It's an opportunity and a part of our lives, that's why I thought a difficult and simple word like 'window' could transcend to a title on a piece I spent a lot of strange time working within. I did add some small details to just about every part of this piece.


'The Working Dream' 8000 x 8000 px

This piece began in analog form from cutting apart one of my drawings and applying it to one of my acrylic and oil paintings on panel. I scanned that piece and continued the process in digital form over the course of a few visits, letting my head and hand just run. In this piece, the networks of lines tying together imagery that can seem to shift with scale was a product of thinking about the combination of work and dreaming- more so the waking kind, about the future- and how so often it's an oscillating mixture of both that shapes the course of life. I'm honored to join the Super Rare community and excited to post more brand-new work.